Resources: Archives, Symposia and other Information

Creating a Space for Performing Tibetan Identities: A Curatorial Commentary
Clare Harris
Images Under Construction: Photomontage in Interwar Europe and Japan
Kevin Michael Smith
Witnessing Death: The Circulation of Lu Xun’s Postmortem Image
Yiwen Liu
Ernest ‘Chinese’ Wilson’s Re-imagined Legacy in Sichuan
Scott Dietrich and Michael R. Dietrich

Photographic Praxis in China, 1930s-1980s: A Conversation with Chen Shuxia, Shi Zhimin, and Zhou Dengyan about Shi Shaohua and the Friday Salon

Chen Shuxia, Zhou Dengyan and Shi Zhimin
The Gift of the Abdulhamid II Albums: The Consequences of Photographic Circulation
Erin Hyde Nolan
South India Addresses the World: Postcards, Circulation, and Empire
Stephen Hughes and Emily Stevenson

Photobooks by Women from Asia: A Conversation with Amanda Ling-Ning Lo, Miwa Susuda, and Iona Fergusson

Russet Lederman
Book Reviews
Review of Unseen Siam: Early Photography 1860–1910, by Joachim K. Bautze
Leslie A. Castro-Woodhouse
Review of Life and Dreams, Contemporary Chinese Photography and Media, ed. by Christopher Phillips and Wu Hung
Christine I. Ho